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What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Have you ever had a massage and wished that the therapist used deeper pressure on your sore spots? If so you may want to try a deep tissue massage to relieve tension, reduce pain and help address these deeper muscle groups.

Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage offers a whole host of physical benefits. The focus of a deep tissue massage to eliminate muscle pain and stiffness. Often including more precise techniques that are not included in a standard relaxation massage.


Stiff neck

Lower back pain

Plantar fasciitis 

Carpel tunnel syndrome

If you have ever experienced a deep tissue massage that really targeted your pain, you know it can be life changing. 

Deep tissue massage will help work out the knots in over stressed, overworked muscles and connective tissue to reduce pain. In addition to reducing pain, deep tissue massage can help blood flow to these deep layers of muscle, you decrease the time they take to heal for injuries.

How does it compare to Swedish massage?

Intended Goal- The goal of a deep tissue is to relieve pain and help muscles recover from injuries. Swedish massage is usually a much less intense massage, with the goal of relaxation.

Focus– During a deep tissue massage your therapist will generally only focus on the muscle groups that need the most work. In a swedish massage the therapist will usually work on the entire body to promote relaxation. 

Pressure– Deep tissue massage will almost always include heavy pressure from the therapists elbows. A swedish massage has a much lighter pressure to relieve tension in the body and mind.

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