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What Makes Us Different?

Our mission is to help everyone who visits our St. Pete massage practice to live pain free. Alternative Therapy Center is owned and operated by Gina Hubany, a licensed massage therapist with over 20 years of experience. Gina only hires massage therapists who know how to effectively treat a clients pain with expert level therapeutic massage techniques. She also shares her wealth of knowledge with the members of her team.

The greatest testament to our work is when a client doesn’t have to come back to see us forever. We truly want to each and every client to live pain free. If you don’t need to come back, that means we are doing our job effectively.

– Gina Hubany

Clients are encouraged to try each and every therapist at Alternative Therapy Center. All of our massage therapists are highly skilled therapists has their own special unique approach to various pain pathologies. If you see and new therapist at our practice for the first time and they try a new approach that gets you results. Good. Our goal is to help you live pain free. We may even refer you to another therapist who we think could take your treatment protocol to the next level.

For over 25 years, Alternative Therapy Center has served St. Petersburg with high quality therapeutic massage services.

Client Testimonials

Post pain cycle

"I almost canceled my massage with Clay as I was feeling better. So glad I didn't. He listened and worked all the areas I needed. A bit sore the day after which is to be expected but today I feel great! Thank you Clay."

Customer since October 2018

Best Neuromuscular Therapy in Town

"I've been going to the Alternative Therapy Center decades now after being broadsided driving home, ending up with whiplash, neck and back pain. Working on a computer every day will also cause pain, so having a good neuromuscular therapist will help you sleep at night. Bravo to all their therapists, especially their wonderful owner!"

Customer since September 2014

Gina is so knowledgeable and helpful

"Gina worked on the main issue with my shoulder and numbness going down into my thumb. In addition to working in this area, she also found tight areas in both shoulders, upper and lower back, leg etc. I appreciate her help in making my body function better--I need to come in more often!"

Customer since April 2017




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