Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy

Our Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) therapy offers a gentle approach to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph system

Optimize Your Body’s Natural Detoxification

Our bodies constantly produce and circulate lymph, a fluid containing white blood cells vital to our immune function. Sometimes, due to illness, surgery, or other health conditions, this system can become congested. Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a specialized therapy that uses gentle, rhythmic movements to stimulate lymph flow and encourage the body’s natural detoxification process.

A Gentle Touch for Powerful Results

Despite the light touch, MLD can have profound effects on the body. By accelerating lymphatic circulation, it helps reduce swelling, enhance immune function, speed up recovery from surgery or injury, and promote overall wellness.

Expertly Trained Therapists

Our therapists are specifically trained in MLD techniques. They apply delicate, wave-like movements to the skin, targeting the lymphatic system just beneath the surface. Their skilled touch can guide excess lymph fluid towards healthy lymph nodes, where it can be effectively processed.

Support Your Health in a Soothing Environment

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of MLD in our calm, serene treatment rooms. Our therapists are committed to your comfort and wellness, personalizing each session to your body’s specific needs.

Unlock the Power of Natural Healing

Manual Lymph Drainage can be a powerful tool to support your body’s own healing processes. Whether you’re managing a health condition, recovering from surgery, or seeking enhanced well-being, our MLD therapy offers a gentle, non-invasive approach to boost your health.

We recommend all clients consult with their healthcare provider before booking a Manual Lymph Drainage session, particularly those with specific health concerns.

Book your Manual Lymph Drainage therapy today and experience the revitalizing power of this specialized technique.

Reduce Swelling & Feel Better!

Is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Right For You?

Would you like to reduce inflammation and swelling post surgery or injury? With our lymphatic drainage massage, you can! Our massage therapist will help stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid and improve circulation. This can help speed healing and reduce pain and swelling. So if you’re looking for relief, call us today!

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Client Testimonials

Post pain cycle

"I almost canceled my massage with Clay as I was feeling better. So glad I didn't. He listened and worked all the areas I needed. A bit sore the day after which is to be expected but today I feel great! Thank you Clay."

Customer since October 2018

Best Neuromuscular Therapy in Town

"I've been going to the Alternative Therapy Center decades now after being broadsided driving home, ending up with whiplash, neck and back pain. Working on a computer every day will also cause pain, so having a good neuromuscular therapist will help you sleep at night. Bravo to all their therapists, especially their wonderful owner!"

Customer since September 2014

Gina is so knowledgeable and helpful

"Gina worked on the main issue with my shoulder and numbness going down into my thumb. In addition to working in this area, she also found tight areas in both shoulders, upper and lower back, leg etc. I appreciate her help in making my body function better--I need to come in more often!"

Customer since April 2017




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