Cupping in St. Pete

Cupping treatments involve applying cups to the skin with a negative pressure to create suction. Most cupping practitioners will use cups made of acrylic plastic or glass during your treatment. When the cups are placed on the skin a negative pressure is applied inside of them. This creates a suction that helps to pull blood into the area to promote healing. This suction draws blood into the small blood vessels which is what your tissues need to heal. Originating from Traditional Chinese medicine, cupping is one of the most ancient forms of body work known.

Cupping made headlines worldwide Michael Phelps appeared in the 2016 olympics with red circles on his back from a recent cupping treatment.

Benefits of Cupping

If you have painful areas in the body and other styles of body work have not achieved the results you’ve been looking for. Cupping therapy may be for you. When the increased blood flow loosens the fascia, connective tissue, and helps stimulate the healing process. Side effects may include red circles on your skin. 

Cupping therapy can be highly effective for treating many different conditions as it targets the underlying cause, lack of blood flow. Below is a list of conditions that cupping helps to address.

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Numb fingers and arms, A.k.a. Thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Tight IT Band
  • Sciatica

In order to resolve your pain and discomfort effectively, first we need to understand it. These questions and activities are designed to help us create the best massage treatment protocol for you.

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You can book your treatment online by clicking here and using our convenient online booking service. Select the duration of your treatment and Our Cupping Practitioners will help you feel better fast! Please let us know if you have any areas that you want addressed. We also offer other forms of integrative medicine that may help reduce your pain. 

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Client Testimonials

Post pain cycle

"I almost canceled my massage with Clay as I was feeling better. So glad I didn't. He listened and worked all the areas I needed. A bit sore the day after which is to be expected but today I feel great! Thank you Clay."

Customer since October 2018

Best Neuromuscular Therapy in Town

"I've been going to the Alternative Therapy Center decades now after being broadsided driving home, ending up with whiplash, neck and back pain. Working on a computer every day will also cause pain, so having a good neuromuscular therapist will help you sleep at night. Bravo to all their therapists, especially their wonderful owner!"

Customer since September 2014

Gina is so knowledgeable and helpful

"Gina worked on the main issue with my shoulder and numbness going down into my thumb. In addition to working in this area, she also found tight areas in both shoulders, upper and lower back, leg etc. I appreciate her help in making my body function better--I need to come in more often!"

Customer since April 2017




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